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martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

Galantis - No Money

I ain’t is the the same as I’m not but very informal and is used when speaking
. I ain’t giving you a dollar.

Try to is always followed by the infinitive verb.
. I’m trying to watch the football!

To leave something: irregular verb to forget something leave/left/left
. I left my money at home.

I wanna plus verb is an informal way to say I want to and should be only be used when speaking or singing.
. You can call me what you wanna.
. I wanna go,play,watch ect.

To run away is an irregular phrasal verb and it means to leave a place or someone quickly run away/ran away/run away
. I ain’t gonna run away.

To knock someone down is a regular phrasal verb and it means to criticize or tell someone that they are no good.

. You might knock me down.

To get up: is an irregular phrasal verb which means after getting knocked down you return and fight back.

. You might knock me down but I will get up again.

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