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Loophead Co. Clare Ireland 08 - 07 - 2011

Loophead Co. Clare Ireland
So I went on a fishing weekend with my two brothers and some friends to Loophead Co. Clare Ireland the mouth of the river Shannon. We set off at 9am, in a 38ft boat which carried up to 12 people. It was a choppy start with a little overcast, but then after a couple of hours the sea calmed down and the day picked up.

The skipper Gerry brought us to some spots to catch the Mackerel these fish swim in shoals so when you hit them you’re in. They say feathers are the best way to catch them. We must have caught about 25 to 30 in as little as two hours. It was great fun landing 3, 4, 5 and even 6 at a time. At about 12 o'clock Gerry let a shout "real up lads, and lets go for the big boys" All very excited Gerry started up the engine and we went out to deeper waters to catch fish like Cod, Whiting and Pollock. We cut up some of the Mackerel to use for bait put out our lines and after 5 minutes bang! I was in, my rod took a mighty tug I started to real in as fast as I could and when the fish surfaced Gerry took a big net to land it. A 15lb Ling the biggest catch of the day, as the day went on we caught more Ling, Cod and some Pollock. A marvelous day. We got back to the harbor at five. Went to or B and B where the landlady froze the fish. Then had a mighty meal fresh Cod and chips with a nice pint of the black stuff. (Guinness)

The next day was another early start, again we went for the Mackerel and after the white fish, but this day wasn’t as good as Saturday we caught some Markel, Pollock, and even an octopus. The scenery was out of this world. The coast line of County Clare at the mouth of the river Shannon, the cliffs and The Loophead lighthouse spectacular views!

Got back to Dublin late Sunday evening exhausted. On Monday evening my mother baked the Ling with a lemon sauce and some baked potatoes delicious!

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  1. Un buen bacalao, sí señor... y ese capitán tenía q ser un puntazo seguro. Por lo q dices tiene q merecer la pena ir, además q entra hasta hambre.

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